With many of the most profitable and highly acclaimed films and shows beginning life as manuscripts, book scouts have become a key asset to producers looking to exploit the ready-made fanbases, beloved characters and returnable story arcs that literature can bring. As the proliferation of ‘non-traditional’ routes into publishing continues and longform articles increasingly make the jump from ‘real to reel’, it’s essential that production companies have a finger on the pulse of publishing to identify and secure fresh, compelling stories that resonate with a broad audience.

Having worked within the publishing and visual culture industries since 2012, I have gained ample experience in multimedia storytelling, with an excellent track-record which has allowed me to create and nurture strong bonds throughout publishing, journalism and media. My positioning at the junction of these industries enables me to ensure that my clients always know about material that’s desirable to them and ripe for screen.

Central to my approach is working closely with development teams so I am attuned to the individual tastes and needs of my clients. I bring an instinct for identifying storytelling trends,  alongside a network of readers capable of analysing material in a variety of languages, to make certain that in this rapidly changing marketplace my clients are kept one step ahead.

Sourcing and evaluating upcoming books, backlist titles and tapping into reading communities, I offer a bespoke service that ensures my clients always have early access to valuable IP that excites and inspires.